Art And Culture

Chhindwara district has a majority of tribal population. The tribal communities include the Gond, Pardhan, Bharia, Korku. Hindi, Gondi, Urdu, Korku, Musai, etc., so that many languages/dialects are in use in the district. The majority of the tribal peoples speak in Gondi and Hindi mixed with Marathi.

Among the most celebrated cultural functions/festivals in the district are Pola, Bhujalia, Meghnath, Akhadi, Harijyoti etc. The ‘Gotmar Mela’ of Pandhurna is a unique and world-renowned fair. On Shivrathri day ‘Mahadev Mela’ is celebrated each year on “Choudagadh”.

Chhindwara is the home of many famous temples and mosques. The cheery and lovable nature of its people has made Chhindwara a peaceful town with a rich culture. Many festivals and dances are celebrated in Chhindwara and nearby villages. Sela dance, Gedi dance, Nagpanchmi dance to name a few. Famous festivals in nearby villages include Chouth ka dangal and panchmi ka mela.